Science Fueling Fitness are a team of qualified professionals who work with athletes and clients in helping them achieve their health, body composition and athletic performance-related goals. We use an evidence-based, scientific approach to both nutrition and exercise, tailoring your diet and training to complement your lifestyle and fitness needs. 


Strawberry Protein Smoothie

P 33g, C 48g, F 3g

A nutritious, easy-to-prepare smoothie ideal as a post-training recovery snack or an early morning protein hit!


Blueberry Vanilla Smoothie

P 20g, C 88g, F 1g

A smoothie high in carbohydrate which still provides an adequate protein hit. Ideal as part of a carb-loading strategy.


Chocolate Protein Smoothie

P 54g, C 65g, F 33g

A delicious, high-calorie smoothie providing a combination of protein, carbohydrate and healthy fats.


Breakfast - The most important meal?

Calorically speaking, how can one meal really be more important than another? Lets take a closer look...


Mastering your hydration status

Hydration status is one of the most understated limiting factors to exercise performance. Not only is eating the ….


Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is one of the most widely researched supplements and has been shown by numerous studies to have....

Individual Nutrition Coaching

From €69

Nutrition Coaching

From €200