About Us

Science Fueling Fitness are a team of qualified professionals who work with athletes and clients in helping them achieve their health, body composition and athletic performance-related goals. We use an evidence-based, scientific approach to both nutrition and exercise, tailoring your diet and training to complement your lifestyle and fitness needs.


Science Fueling Fitness currently work with athletes in a number of various sports, helping them enhance their potential to perform in the sporting arena. We believe that maximizing your ability to get results is achieved through a combination of nutrition and exercise strategies, as opposed to one alone. Each athlete has different goals and a different lifestyle, and with this comes a need for specific, individualised programming. Whether your goal is to enhance performance, gain muscle, lose fat or live a healthier lifestyle, our plans are designed around your needs! Your nutrition and exercise programs are designed to complement each other, and are based on the most supported and reliable scientific research.

With our plans, you will be held accountable to your goals via weekly check-ins with your coaching team. Furthermore, you will receive constant support, advice and feedback providing you with the knowledge to develop and sustain successful nutrition and exercise habits on a long-term basis. 

Meet Our Team!

Gina Lynch 

  • PhD Student in Molecular Nutrition, University College Dublin.    
  • BSc Human Nutrition, University College Dublin.
  • Research Assistant, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
  • Visiting Researcher, Maastricht University, Netherlands.
  • Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr) of the UKVRN.​
I am a qualified nutritionist having obtained an honours degree in Human Nutrition at University College Dublin. I spent the third year of my degree gaining invaluable work experience at the University of Pennsylvania. I then went on to continue my passion for nutrition research as part of a PhD in UCD - I am currently in my final year. My PhD research focuses on the impact of nutrients on skeletal muscle molecular biology. I provide an evidence-based approach to our clients, drawing on my experiences in research labs to advise them on the latest and most supported nutritional strategies to help them achieve their health and fitness related goals.

Ciaran O' Connor

  • MSc Student in Strength and Conditioning, St Mary's University, London.                                                                              
  • BSc Health and Performance Science, University College Dublin.
I obtained an honours degree in Health and Performance Science at University College Dublin and I'm currently studying a Masters degree in Strength and Conditioning from St Mary's University, London. I use an evidence-based approach to exercise training, designing tailor-made exercise programs to help clients achieve their specific goals. I have worked with a number of athletes from various sports including rugby, basketball, boxing and middle-distance running, on a one-to-one basis assisting them enhance their athletic potential. I also work as a Strength and Conditioning coach with a number of teams including:
- Sligo Rugby Club AIL Senior Team (2018 - 2019)
- Sligo GAA -20 Team (2018, 2019)
- Sligo GAA Minor Team (2017, 2019)
- St Nathy's College Senior GAA Team (2017 - 2019)