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Chickpea Korma Curry


  • 2 tins of chickpeas

  • 1/2 of a butternut squash

  • 2 tbsp. of rapeseed oil

  • 4 tbsp. of curry powder

  • 2 tbsp. of cinnamon

  • 1/2 tbsp. of ground ginger

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • 1 red pepper

  • 1 tin of chopped tomatoes

  • 1 clove of garlic

  • 1 tin of coconut milk

  • Lemon juice


  • Slice half the butternut squash into small cubes and add to a large bowl. 

  • Add 50ml of water, 2 tbsp of curry powder, 2 tbsp of rapeseed oil, 1 tbsp of cinnamon, salt and pepper into the bowl with the butternut squash.

  • Mix well so that the squash is evenly coated.

  • Once the squash is evenly coated, move it to a baking tray and place it in the oven at 190 degrees for 40 minutes.

  • Add a garlic glove to a hot pan and chop the red pepper into thin slices before placing it on the pan.

  • Add 2 tbsp of curry powder, half a tbsp of ground ginger, half a tbsp of cinnamon, salt and pepper to the pan.

  • Add a tin of chopped tomatoes to the pan and cook for approximately 5 minutes.

  • Add a tin of coconut milk to the pan and cook on medium-low heat for another 5 minutes.

  • Drain 2 tins of chickpeas and add them to the pan.

  • Add a splash of lemon juice.

  • Cook on low heat for another 10 minutes.

  • Finally, add the roasted butternut squash to the pan for another 5 minutes, again on low heat.

  • Serve with wholegrain rice.

  • Recipe makes enough for five portions.

Nutritional Information (per portion):

  • Calories: 333kcal

  • Protein: 9g

  • Carbohydrate: 34g

  • Fat: 17g


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