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High-Protein Breakfast Options

Importance of a High-Protein Breakfast

By now, we should all be familiar with the importance of having an adequate source of protein for breakfast. Starting your day with a ‘protein hit’ of approximately 30g is encouraged for a number of reasons. Firstly, you stimulate MPS (muscle protein synthesis – a process by which your body builds muscle) first thing in the morning. It is important to stimulate MPS numerous times each day, so starting this as early as possible is always a good idea! Secondly, protein promotes satiety and a feeling a fullness more so than carbohydrates of fats. If feeling full and satisfied after your meal is something you desire, then a protein-rich meal is the best way to achieve that. If you are someone who tends to overeat throughout the day, promoting satiety early in the morning is a good strategy to counter cravings later in the day. Furthermore, a high serving of protein for breakfast puts you on your way to hitting your daily protein goal – which is likely quite high if you are serious about your diet – and so a wise way of achieving a high protein intake is to start as early in the day as possible! Finally, protein in the morning gives you the ‘flexibility’ to have higher carbohydrate/higher calorie meals later in the day and evening, when you likely want them the most! So, now that you are reminded of the importance of protein in the morning, the question becomes which foods and meals are suitable options. Below are a number of options that you could try out and hopefully implement into your diet.



  • Normal serving of oats (40g) = 5g protein.

  • Add high-protein milk (300ml = 15g protein).

  • A half scoop of whey may be needed to get an adequate protein hit.

  • Top with various chopped fruit.

  • Honey, Nuts, Seeds.


Yogurt, Chopped Fruit, Granola

  • High-protein yogurt options – Glenisk, Fage, Skyr, Liberte.

  • 250g yogurt usually provides 25g protein.

  • Top with your favourite fruits or granola.

  • Check out our recipe here!




Healthy Fry

  • Use a low kcal spray as opposed to butter or cooking oil.

  • Protein sources – eggs, egg whites, beans, peas.

  • Turkey rasher instead of bacon rasher.

  • Include at least two vegetables – tomatoes, kale, avocado for example.

  • Be calorie-conscious with what you drink with your fry – for example a milk, water or black coffee as opposed to an orange juice or cappuccino could save you 200kcal.


Overnight Oats

  • Combination of milk, oats and yogurt.

  • Can be very high in protein depending on how much of each ingredient you use.

  • Add some frozen fruit and your favourite toppings and leave overnight in the fridge.

  • Check out our recipe here!


Whey Protein Shake

  • One and a half scoops of whey typically provides 30g protein.

  • Simple and easy to have on-the-go when you don’t have time to prepare something!

  • Can be as simple as whey and water so its a really low-calorie choice.


Bagel and Eggs

  • 3 eggs provide approximately 19g protein.

  • One bagel can provide as high as 9g protein.

  • Could replace the bagel with some home-made bread.



  • Again, 3 eggs provide an adequate protein hit of approximately 19g.

  • Adding some egg whites (lower in calories than a whole egg) will increase the protein content.

  • Cheese will significantly increase the protein content.

  • Include as many different vegetables as you can!


Protein Pancakes

  • High calorie/high protein option.

  • Protein sources of eggs, milk and oats.

  • Easy to change the calorie content by altering the toppings you choose.

  • Check out our recipe here!


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